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Personal Assistance
At Nowbella, we are particularly concerned with helping you to reach your goals. That is why we have created different assistance programs, which include basic and specialized services, to address your specific needs. As, Ms. Juliana Rodriguez, Nowbella´s Founder and CEO, says: "True elegance is in the simplicity of knowing how to dress properly".

Colour Analysis: Colors have special components which when mixed with hair, eyes and skin give us or take away from us valuable energy. With the CROMOAESTHETIC@ method, we determine which colors are more suitable for you in your clothing, accessories, hair and makeup. "Let the magic of color work for you", as Juliana Rodriguez says.

Self Makeup Thanks to this PERSONALIZED course, you would be able to use the right make up for any occasion from daily use to any special event without having any previous makeup knowledge. "MAKE UP IS TO ACHIEVE A NATURAL LOOK BY HIGHLIGHTING PLEASANT FEATURES".

Wardrobe Assessment To answer properly that difficult daily question: "how should I dress today?", we should conduct a fair assessment of our wardrobe to determine if our clothing is the most suitable and if we should complement it. Further, we learn to put together proper dress combinations according to our needs.

“80% of our wardrobe should be used during 20% of our time and not the other way around”

Hair It grows approximately 1 cm a month and using a systematic approach, we could help find the colors and cut styles which would enhance your image according to your facial shape and more suitable style, before you actually go to the hair salon so that you might choose out of several options.







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